Dragonbone Kingdoms

Session 6: Flushing the Pipes

The party continued to explore the sewers, hoping to find the goblinoids’ point of entry and the mysterious “asset” asked for by the thieves’ guild.

Locating a side passage the party crept in and found an old storage room, filled with rotted goods and stacks of dust-covered crates. Merrilyn spotted a wooden coffer in the middle of the room, in conspicuously good repair and emblazoned with the same sigil as the letter from the guild; this was obviously the “asset”. Noting the dead goblin on the floor, the party was prepared for trouble as Kaneda seized the box, but even so they were surprised when the skeletal remains of several dead humans rose up around them.
Carol’s clerical magic destroyed a couple of the undead abominations, but the party soon realized that they were ill-equipped to deal with the creatures: armed almost entirely with rapiers and spears the party could do little more than chip ineffectively at the fleshless bones of their enemies. Despite the disadvantage, the party was victorious; while Kaneda crushed one of the creatures by toppling a stack of crates over on top of it, the rest of the party was able to bring down the others through sheer numbers.
Continuing through the side passage the party found a guild safehouse, long unoccupied, but nonetheless stocked with food and a few healing supplies. The party took what they needed and moved on, finding a door that opened back into the main branch of this section of the sewers, very near to the hobgoblin guard post that marked their entry into the area.
The party headed deeper into the main branch and came upon another cluster of goblins hobgoblins. The party attacked them and quickly gained the advantage, but while a hobgoblin held a dogged defense, one of his smaller cousins ran to get reinforcements. The hobgoblin finally felled the party easily dealt with the two small goblins that rushed in to attack, but a few more fell back, taking shots with their shortbows. The party advanced on them, following them around a blind corner where they caught sight of their true foe: a War-Cleric of Gruumsh and his hulking ogre bodyguard.
The goblins were quickly dealt with by Thistle and Carol, but as Kaneda advanced towards the Orc, the fell cleric began to chant, and bestowed some of his divine power on the ogre, who grew half-again his already large size. His head brushing the high, vaulted ceiling of the chamber, the ogre cut a terrifying figure. Kaneda nimbly dodged a club larger than himself, and was showered in chips of stone as the ogre sundered the very stone around him. Knowing that one blow from the huge creature could easily kill, the party fought a tense battle, and was ultimately able to kill both the cleric and his pet; as Vashara peppered the giant with arrows, Kaneda and Thistle nipped at its heels and Carol and Merrilyn took down the cleric.
The group did what they could to barricade the entrance to the deeper caves through which the goblins had come and headed to the surface to claim their reward.



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