Dragonbone Kingdoms


Mission Update Re: Platinum Expeditions (PE)

Note from Cyrus Corel to Altuaris Pegason
Mission Update Re: Platinum Expeditions (PE)

- While busy exploring ruins, the thief known as Dyne escaped the group’s captivity. Current whereabouts unknown. Previously associated with group that attempted to burn down an inn full of innocents for personal gain. Associated with Conor Damilus. Should be apprehended immediately if found in Kestral. See attached profile/description. Create file at LM’s discretion.

- Came upon a series of stone bookshelves containing stone books emblazoned with enchanted coins. Their true nature continues to elude us. Further research may be suggested, although what they protect may or may not affect the Shadows. LM’s discretion.

- Discovered heretofore unknown lock & containment system. Full description attached. Summary: Series of runes and locks activated by quarterstaff-sized key and coordinated/protected by humanoid construct/golem and reptilian construct/trap mechanism. Archaic, but effective. This representative is unskilled enough to explain, or even understand, specific technicalities. Research team deployment suggested to add to the archives. Map attached.

- Subject of above containment system was an individual humanoid female. Claimed name: Craytzia, surname unknown. Claimed age and history far and above even that of enchanted creatures. Unable to verify her claims (Dragon? See attached transcript), but knowing that she was imprisoned for an extended period without any apparent food or water leads this representative to believe she holds considerable power. Allowed to leave under own power, but received a vial of blood in exchange (a pact of cooperation with members of the PE). Will attempt to retrieve a sample of blood for Shadow alchemists to research. Profile/description attached. Dossier creation highly recommended.

- Treasure room discovered. List of contents attached. Much left behind, team deployment suggested.

Group analysis:

- Human Cleric Carol (File 325-1) is developing a growing, and disturbing, reliance on necromantic arts. Her expansion to reanimating various beasts is morally more comforting than resurrecting human corpses, this may simply be a matter of necessity than anything. She treats them as her children, yet sends them in ahead of the rest of the party to take any damage a trap or dangerous creature may deliver. While her mercenary nature leaves her one of the few members of PE agreeable to the Shadows’ incursion, as her power develops further one can only imagine a situation where she will create a pile of dead bodies merely to form her own army. Her temperament may be a poor fit for our organization beyond an enforcer role such as my own.

- No word from Illumian Wizard Loreguard Kelnyeldau (File 325-2) since leaving PE following the orc attack on Kestral. Any information leading to his current whereabouts and status may help gain the trust of PE.

- Elven Bard Tamadril Merrilyn (File 235-3): Mostly Harmless. Support role with mostly sub-par infiltration and fighting capabilities. Charismatic nature may prove beneficial as ambassador for the cause, but unreliable for primary role in Shadows.

- An interesting case in Raptoran Ranger Vashara Le’Sheen (File 235-4). While she has gone out of her way to tell me (repeatedly) that she does not agree with the Shadows and our policies, she is the most qualified member of this party, outside of Brundle Vin (File 235-6, see below), to benefit our work. Her sharpshooting skills with the bow are impeccable, and her Raptoran heritage gives her a unique advantage in reconnaissance, escape, and long-distance assassination. While she may personally be difficult to turn, this representative suggests a recruitment expedition to the Stormpeak Mountains may prove beneficial.

- Dyne left in custody of Halfling Druid Thistle (File 325-5). Ease of escape raises additional doubts about her reliability. May prove a liability to the Shadows despite shapeshifting enhancements. See dossier for additional information/concerns.

- Gnome Thief Brundle Vin (File 235-6) is a near-perfect recruit for the Shadows, and an example of why we should invest more into our recruitment of the Whisper Gnomes. An excellent thief with a developing mastery of illusion magic, Vin could be placed in nearly any situation with little chance of failure. His only weakness, in this representative’s opinion, is a tendency to fall into berserker rages, which may draw too much attention or collateral damage in our more stealth-reliant missions. Also has a history of self-reliance and mercenary activity, leading me to think it will be difficult to convince him to fully embrace the Shadows as an organization. Not an uncommon issue among thieves.



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