Dragonbone Kingdoms

Blood and Pain

You make your decisions, and you pay for them.

What we encountered in that mountain dungeon was hellish. Four green crystalline structures, made from sacrifices, powering some sort of engine. An arcane matrix, we would later learn. It imbued the hobgoblin cleric of the Reborn Talon and his hill giant minions with powers…terrible powers.

I feel lost, almost. I touch my face again, and bits come back to me.

A hill giant, clubbing Buttercup in the face. She yelps, then makes no more sounds.

A dragon creature, erupting from the hobgoblin, covered in blood and viscera.

Brambles, erupting around the arcane matrix, shredding clothing and skin as we try to move through them.

Connecting to the arcane matrix, searching through the energy, and breaking it.

An eruption of energy. Shattering crystals. Sudden pain flaring in my face.

Looting. Fleeing out, the castle collapsing, and running, running, running. Cyrus, falling behind, almost getting caught in the sinkhole.

And Kimble. In my dreams. Calling to me.

I touch my face again. The green crystals there. Probably forever.

I made my decision, and I paid for it.



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