Dragonbone Kingdoms

A Conversation With Evelyn the Minimum-Wage Teenager

The Party Takes a Job, Stops a Mass Assassination, and Makes Flirtinis

Mother, I’m home! Sorry I’m—

No, I— Mother, it— It—

Mother, calm down. Breathe. I didn’t stay out with Jasmine and the others. The party just ran late, is all. I think…

Let me explain, okay?

The party ran late. Or, well, we did, at least. Time came around for our shift to be over, the time when we were told that we’d be let go by Miss Marela.

Only the time came around and, well, Miss Marela wasn’t there anymore.

No, I don’t know where she went. No one did. That’s why I didn’t… well… Okay, so since she wasn’t there to let us go, and none of us wanted to get into trouble with her, you know what she’s like, we just kept working. After another hour, we still didn’t see her, so me and the other hired help just sort of slipped off into a corner, talked it over, and decided to go home. The party was pretty much dying, anyway.

I don’t think I’ll get in trouble with her. All six of us left at the same time, so if she fires me she’ll have to fire all of— No, mother, she’s not going to fire all of us. Besides, we weren’t the first ones to leave. Carol left way before the rest of us, and I don’t think she got fired or anything.

Oh, Carol? Really nice girl. It was her first day, but she seemed to know her way around the drinks. She made something called a flirtini, it looked really tasty.

I don’t know, Miss Marela might have gone off to work one of the private rooms, or something. I know Carol had been doing more than her share of vanishing into other rooms.

Mother! I know people say that Miss Marela’s that kind of woman, but that’s just talk. You’ve never met her like I have, she wouldn’t take a platinum to bring one of the higher-ups into a private chamber, let alone a gold.

Two platinum, maybe…

Mooooother, I’m joking!

It was fun, yeah. Busy. Crazy. But it wasn’t like any party I’ve ever worked before. There were so many different people I’d never seen before. There were Illumians, and Raptorans, and a whole bunch of others from all over.

Conor Damilus was there, too. Yes, I know, I thought he had left the city, too, but I guess he’s back. He must have had his name cleared. I knew he was a creep, but I seriously didn’t think he did what they said he did.

He seemed to have a good time, too. He actually left with a couple girls. Well, okay, more like he was carried out by a couple girls. He smelled like he had been drinking a lot, and they were a Raptoran and a halfling, so, yeah, I have a feeling his wits weren’t totally about him.

But I guess if that’s what he’s into…

There were a few other interesting people there. A gnome named Fflewddur Fflam and his minstrel were running around trying to make a name for themselves. They even got in to talk to the Carthians. No, I haven’t heard of him, either, but I suppose when it comes to the government types they change around so fast—

Oh, and that’s not even the craziest part! I heard there was a giant scorpion outside! I know, weird, I didn’t know there were any around here, either. Must have escaped from the zoo, or something. Anyway, a couple guards brought the Carthians somewhere else when it happened. I guess they thought the Carthians were in danger, or something. Don’t know why they didn’t warn everyone else, though…

The Carthians weren’t too happy about it, though. They left right after the scorpion disappeared.

So, um, yeah, that’s why I’m late. I hope Marela wasn’t too mad at me for leaving. Who knows where she went?

What? A… a barricade? No, I didn’t hear about that. No one said anything at the party. Where was it being set up?

I hope Uncle Davin’s okay….


Nice barb at the end. Ouch.


Well, it’s a little something for Phil to work with if he wants to.


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