Dragonbone Kingdoms

What Brundle does in his free time
relationship building interactions

After what I felt was an awesome interaction with Lilliana I feel like I should take some time on the boat for some other team interactions. If people are cool Brundle will have approached you about the following things.

Gedda- After a session of not successful combat. Brundle reassures her that she is an important part of the team and that we all have days where we fall short. The goal is to do it in a way where we can still beat ourselves up about it the next day. And in that we succeeded. As baddies keep getting baddier and she is weaker in skill and experience than the rest of us I encourage her to in her training to find more and more ways to aid the party that don’t put herself at as much personal risk.

Thistle- I tell Thistle that as he left the plane the demon vowed to harm everyone I ever cared about. I tell her to be ready as she would be very high on this list. Learning about and defeating this demon is now high on my priorities list.

Merrilyn- I bring up the tapestry you chose as a treasure item. It reminds me of my longing to have a place to call a home. Almost my whole life I have been moving about whether in Halfling caravans or as an adventurer. There was one brief period of time where my brother, his wife and I had a tobacco farm. It was possibly the most at peace I had ever been. I bring up the idea that we should maybe consider establishing a home. Maybe a keep or a country farmhouse we could always return to between journeys. A place where that tapestry could hang.

Carol- I sometimes find myself forgetting how young she really is. This is because she handles herself with such expertise in the field. I make sure that she knows this and I thank both her and Olidammara for their contributions. I also talk about my concerns about the demon returning. If there is anything she can do to help me prepare for this inevitability I would be in her debt.

Cyrus- Brundle tells Cyrus how much he knows the Red Masks must anger him to the core. I make sure he knows he has an ally in this anger. Because of them I now feel like all I love are in danger. I give my regrets for his fallen friends and try to make sure he knows he still has a family within our number.

Lilliana- After our conversation Brundle makes a point to check in with you regularly and tends to pay a lot more attention to your feline “friend” than he ever did before.

Blood and Pain

You make your decisions, and you pay for them.

What we encountered in that mountain dungeon was hellish. Four green crystalline structures, made from sacrifices, powering some sort of engine. An arcane matrix, we would later learn. It imbued the hobgoblin cleric of the Reborn Talon and his hill giant minions with powers…terrible powers.

I feel lost, almost. I touch my face again, and bits come back to me.

A hill giant, clubbing Buttercup in the face. She yelps, then makes no more sounds.

A dragon creature, erupting from the hobgoblin, covered in blood and viscera.

Brambles, erupting around the arcane matrix, shredding clothing and skin as we try to move through them.

Connecting to the arcane matrix, searching through the energy, and breaking it.

An eruption of energy. Shattering crystals. Sudden pain flaring in my face.

Looting. Fleeing out, the castle collapsing, and running, running, running. Cyrus, falling behind, almost getting caught in the sinkhole.

And Kimble. In my dreams. Calling to me.

I touch my face again. The green crystals there. Probably forever.

I made my decision, and I paid for it.

Magical Threats and An Unwilling Ally

Platinum Expeditions, having spent some time in the cell block recovering spells and healing the fungal infection that plagued Merrilyn and Thistle, explored the tunnel out of the cell block.

-The tunnel led down to a labyrinthine, frost-coated cavern. They encountered a strange animate fog, which Merrilyn deduced was a Cone of Cold spell, somehow rendered a living creature.

-Pressing on, the group found a massive cavern with a huge free-standing stone pillar, with what appeared to be a smashed carriage at the base.

-Brundle and Lilliana flew up to the top of the pillar, finding what appeared to be some kind of loading platform for a suspended rail system, and then returned to the group.

-The party elected to explore the level at which they entered the keep and headed back up the tunnel to the cell block

-They found the eastern exit from the cells blocked, but decided to loop back around through the western storeroom where they found the necromantic mold, rather than attempt to negotiate the security station.

-Following the track in the floor from the storeroom, the group entered a large room with three wells near the northern wall. A few of them went to check out a soft glow emanating from the central well, but Gedda’s warning shout came too late when the floor collapsed, sending the investigators falling to the bottom of the ancient cistern below.

-Moving to examine a dead body in the slimy pit, they were attacked by a Reekmurk, a voracious, but blessedly rare, predator ooze found in caves and lightless deep water. The creature was quite powerful, but once again Lilliana’s magical flight pulled her allies out of danger.

-Brundle detected magic on the corpse, but rather than brave the reekmurk, the group elected to use his magical abilities to retrieve the item. However, they needed a clear line-of-sight to the body, so they smashed a hole in the weakened floor so they could avoid falling back into the pit. Brundle lifted the magic item, a ring, from the body, but the group found themselves with more pressing concerns before they could make use of it.

-Unfortunately, the loud banging from Brundle’s impromptu demolition attracted attention from the east: 4 dragon-headed wights rushed into the passage. Immensely strong and breathing acid, the ancient sentinels were a stiff challenge, especially when the reekmurk managed to scale the side of the old cistern and join the melee.

-Carol used her divine power to command one of the wights, but even so the battle was rough. Several members of the party were hit by the wights, only to find their strength drained away. Lilliana dealt a considerable amount of destruction with her fire spells, but was nearly killed by a blast of acid when she attempted to fly away from the undead creatures.

-The wights and reekmurk were killed, and the group interrogated their unwilling servant. The Sentinel, while under Carol’s domination, was still filled with a dark hunger for the vital energy of the living, and a desire to see them killed. He would follow her orders, but did so grudgingly and shared few details unless commanded.

-He was one of Queen Acraeshyn’s elite Sentinels, and he and his clutch-mates were killed here leading the evacuation of this keep after Athrintalec filled the hallways with a foul and deadly miasma (which Lilliana guessed to be a massive Cloudkill spell). The wights had only recently reawakened when the magical power network in the keep was reactivated (the magic was different though, as though tainted somehow). He shared details of the Old Kingdom, asserting his absolute loyalty to his queen and his dismay over the long passage of time and the deaths of his people.

-The group examined a crystal in the guard tower that was powered by a magical green energy – the tainted network of which the Sentinel told them. They considered disabling the crystal, but were uncertain how much energy would be released by their efforts. Seeking to avoid being caught in a magical backlash, they left the crystal alone.

-They pressed on to find the platform that Lilliana and Brundle had spied in their flight from the cavern below. The railcars were unpowered, but a mechanism nearby, flanked by 2 dragon-headed statues, seemed connected to the system. When asked, the Sentinel confirmed that the statues and the mechanism were “tied to magical network” that powered the railcars. Merrilyn and Gedda worked together to reactivate the system, only to find the statues were animated as well, and seemed to be targeting them as intruders.

Into the Tunnels

Recovering from the battle that nearly destroyed them, Platinum Expeditions delves further into the caves beneath the Spinestone Mountains.

After forcing open a large set of doors that took four bodies and a set of drake skeleton teeth, the party followed a set of tracks embedded in the floor into a large room. Prodded forward by the detection of a magical aura, Brundle and Merrilyn, with their dark vision, moved further into the room, discovering shelves, large barrels, and a rotting, moss-infected dwarf. Clearly dead, Merrilyn suspects that the moss itself is keeping the creature mobile.

Before they’re able to analyze it further, however, the dwarf attacks. Within seconds, the party is surrounded by more dead humanoids, all covered with the same yellowish fungus, which is also covering the walls and floor in great patches. They party attacks, but soon discovers that many of their attacks do more harm than good: cold spells only cause more fungus to appear on the bodies, and slashing the bodies cause them to explode in a fine yellow mist. Merrilyn and Thistle soon fall prone to the poisonous air.

Soon, the door slams behind them, and a shriek is heard across the room. After realizing that their weapons are useless against the exploding horde, Brundle and Cyrus run towards the horrifying scream, Brundle diving between two shelves while Cyrus climbs up and over them. They find a corpse, coated in the same yellow fungus, with its intangible double standing beside it, screaming in horror as it tries to wipe away the unseen moss. Both fighters attempt to subdue the spirit, but both are blasted backwards by an unseen force.

Meanwhile, the zombies are taken down by a combination of Carol’s holy power and not-so-holy babies and Thistle and Lilliana’s fire spells. Cyrus takes down one zombie, strong constitution allowing him to fight through the putrid cloud it emits, and the party soon turns to the spirit, which it makes short work of now that their ample firepower can be turned towards what is essentially a supernatural trap.

After searching the bodies and finding a Rod of Frost, two gems, and a large amount of gold, the party resupplies itself as best as possible before turning back to the first room and attempting the other door, with Brundle taking advantage of his newly-acquired long-range lock-springing skills. Sending Trapfinder the goblin skeleton ahead, with Cyrus and Lilliana casting Spark spells to light the way, the Expedition soon stops, realizing that their footsteps are much more pronounced than they should be. Unsure if it’s a magical enhancement or simply an acoustically live chamber, Brundle casts a Silence spell on the party rather than attract any undue attention.

The group soon comes upon a room with two large portcullises and a catwalk surrounding it, reminiscent of a prison yard. Lilliana deals with the portcullises quickly, flying overhead and pulling two cranks to raise them. In one corner of the room, they come upon a footlocker filled with crossbow bolts of the normal and (after firing one against the wall) tangling variety. Cyrus scoops them up, while the rest (four cases worth) are added to the Bag of Holding for future use.

In the next room, the prison theories are confirmed as Platinum Expeditions comes across an abandoned cellblock. Somewhat abandoned, that is, as two Hook Horrors emerge from the dilapidated cells and attack the party.

Thistle makes the first move, flying forward as a crow before landing in front of one of them, shifting her shape into that of a dire rhinoceros in mid-flight. Brundle also jumps into the fray, doing major damage to one of the Horrors before taking some licks of his own, getting chomped hard by his target’s friend.

Carol does not leave unscathed, either, with one Horror shattering her jaw.

As all this is happening, dragonhead sculptures lining the walls light up, and a booming voice orders everyone on the floor back to their cell, stunning any who don’t comply.

The battle is fierce, but Platinum Expeditions takes down the beasts. Finding a nest in one of the abandoned cells, the group finds a large cache of platinum pieces, as well as a set of magical gauntlets and gloves that create unlimited javelins.

The delve continues…

Darker Times
A letter from Brundle Vin to Vashara Le'Sheen

I hope it is alright that I am writing to you and I hope this letter has reached you safely and in good health. I have sent word to my niece at the University with this note and a small portion of the feather you left behind to see if she or others she trusts at the university could help to track you down.

I wish I was writing under better circumstances but I am afraid I do not have good news for you. While at camp yesterday evening we were set upon by a group of illumians lead by our fellow compatriot, Kaneda. Kenada demanded the book which we both know I gave to that dragon, and when I told him it wasn’t currently in my possession he and the six other illumians in his company drew weapons and attacked us. They were very powerful, and I think they came very close to overpowering us, bringing Cyrus, Thistle, and a newer travel companion , Lilliana, right to the edge of death. As much as we pleaded with Kaneda to change his tactic he would not yield and eventually fell at the end of my own blade. A large part of me believes that this was some impostor, as this adversary fought with a different skill set than Kaneda was used to and carried a completely different set of magic equipment and weaponry than Kaneda had. (like a greatsword that can turn into bracers, short swords, and a shield) He also had a suit of armor which was magically disguised to look like what we would be familiar with. That said, my heart is now clouded with the fact that I may have killed a man that in my mind I still consider to be a friend. My heart warmed when I saw him and I real in disgust in his tragic end.

That night we were also set upon by some goblins riding some very horrible beasts called red spawn. We had fought a similar patrol recently and they are very worthy adversaries. Carol turned one of the beasts in our first encounter into one of her babies she named “Freckles” (I know you don’t like these things, but they have come in fairly handy in keeping us alive) Freckles died (died again?) in this encounter but the rest of us managed our way through okay. And in good old Carol fashion Carol turned one of the spawn into her new “Freckles”.

The next day we set forth on our journey to recover what we believe to be a powerful green crystal that was delivered to a hobgoblin in the spinestone mountains before it falls into even more dangerous hands. Under ground we go again, which I know is one of your favorite places to be. Right at the start we face one of the deadliest opponent’s Platinum Expeditions has ever encountered. I believe Merrilyn called it a Rast. it’s gaze left many in the group paralyzed including Lillina who it dragged into its firey dwelling before we forced it out to fight the rest of us. This was another perilous encounter leaving Merrilyn, and Lilliana, each to the edge of death and paralyzing portions of the group for chunks of the encounter. Here Merrilyn’s use of a newly found wand of cold orb is what separated us from being on the creatures menu. If this is what is at the entrance, who knows what horrors yet await us.

But I’m beginning to get off topic. I know things ended badly, but I believe you have love in your heart for Kaneda. I for one choose to believe he is still alive and hope to try to find him as soon as we can get this item out of evil hands. But I can’t leave my current quest, there are too many depending on me. If you have it in your heart to find him or look for him in the instance I never make it out of this forsaken place I will be in your debt. Hell, I’m in your debt anyway. We probably would have never made it this far without the time we were able to spend fighting along your side. Every time one of our new compatriots asks what happened with you and Kaneda my heart sinks a little and I try to avoid the topic.. I’m embarrassed that we failed to make you feel at home within the group and give you the respect you were due. I consider you, like Kaneda, a friend, a brother (or sister) in arms, and someone I’d trust my life with and someone I’d put myself on the line for in order to protect. If you ever have a change of heart, know there is at least a gnome who would welcome you back with open arms.

Be brave, be safe,

Whereat Carol Reports to Her Temple AAGAIN!
(11/17/13 session)

A good day to raise a tankard to Olidammara!

I was raising my fourth when I received your mmmissive to send in my report. I’m certain our tricksy god appreciated your “gentle” reminder. This rash bettter go away soon!

In teh meantim I write you now.

In reshent days we received a map from Lyra (who’s totally into me) to a former fortress of hers. It was delivered to her by a group of hobgoblins glamored to look like elves and humans.

(Why did she need a map to get to her own fortress?)

Inside theis fortress theres a green crystal. We’re gonna get it. Suppossedly tis’ the “Manifestation of the Empresses Will” OOOOooooOOOOOOooooo! and it’s super duper dangerful.

So before we left! we spread the rumor that we was lookkn for Cyrus’s sister. Cyrus says he likes her butt. heh.

Bandit attacks in entsns dwarf big red lizzard attack? Ah I just spilled my drink. best gegt another!

So! witht he map, we decided it was gonna tak 5 days to get to where we needed to get. First day was boring. BOOORRRINGGG1

sTART OF THE SECOND DAY we decided to send the horses badk to the port town, Cullenfast cause it was all climby climby after that. we cept the ponies as pack though. Theyr’e really good at carrying stuff we need. We sent 8 gold with the horses and a note asking for 20 days of stableing.

So! We began climing up the mountain. I gotta say. Stoneshape ROXXXXX! i MADE this awesome path with the Stoneshape and then almost fell off of it. GO ME! Aftwrds I summoned earth elemental dudes to make us a shelter. THEY ROXXX TOOOOOO! And getta (is that how you spell her name?) made up pots of ressist elements. Brundle (is that how ou spell HIS name?) was scared theyd make him all horney again. I don’t think I dramk one.

So! Day 3! Mor Stoneshapping and suummongoing earth elementalists to get us up the mountain1

Here’s where I get awsome. On Day 4 I was in the middle of this awesome, like I said, Stoneshape job when this loud “Blahp!!!” sound and gust of flame made us crap ourselves. 2 fire drakes each with a goblin spear dude and a goblin bow dude mounted on them . Isaid “mounted.” heh.

Anywhosers, Brundle whooped some serious barabaric gnomishnesss all over them and killed them all. It waqs REALLLY sweet. and I made thre new skellies! whoopWhoop!

Later I discovered thru my superior coolness that those weren’t fire drakes. The’re called “Red Spawn” in this kneck of the woods.

Oh wait! We didn’t kill em all righ away. We talked to one. He said something like, " we’d rode from garah-esh, a fortress in a valley." He told us that there’s like 2 other patrols iwth a host campled outside. And that there’s theese tunels under into the fortress through these 2 ruined towers. New Verelian border is a total tunnerl entrance…..somthing…somethingl…..Emerald Scourge reborn, the undying lord of tegalen, “Thontalak reborn”.

she sounds like a complte badass. legend says taht she could travel instantly between fortresses which eventually blew up. Speaking of which, I need to instantly travel to the loo in a mo. Seven tankards can really go through a girl!

So! On Day 5 after we rested up cause those Red Spawn hurt somthing fierce I noticed this eye. Seriously, an eye. It was the size of a big orange, watching our camp. Seriously icky. It pooofffed awa tho.

It’s kinda earie to think you’re being watched an no onne’s paying coin.

So we got to the tower at the middle of Day 5 and decided to head back in in good light so we made camp for th night. Oh, the tower was ruined from all the exploding. But then! Remember Kaneda? I always liked him. Well he showed up that night with, like a gagillion illumiens and asked for teh book from Brundle but brundle gave it to the dragon chickie (who was super hot) a while back. Kaneda was piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssed.

I’m not concerned. We’ve got a ghnome full of kickass!

So! That’s all I got. Gonna pee.

If i could me glamored. I’d be a fairie with gossamer wingssssszzz.

Quiet Days
In which the party "rests"

This was a time where we knew the battle ahead would be fierce and dangerous, and perhaps more than we bargained for. The Reborn Talon is looming large in our minds, a great shadow on our party, and it is clear that there are those who would wish us ill and would sow dissent in our ranks.

Several of us received missives from those that would want us apprehended—the Carthians clearly view us as a threat and have pushed for our apprehension and death both through official channels and through their underground networks. What they hope to ultimately gain from us besides our deaths I am unsure—their connection to the Reborn Talon has not fully snapped together in my mind—I feel I am missing something—a final brushstroke that would make the painting make sense. Perhaps we will find that in the Spinestones.

Two of these missives were meant to bribe Lilliana and Carol and force the apprehension of the rest of the party. They both decided to contact the persons mentioned in the messages which resulted in more complications than I care for—Lilliana and Carol are straightforward, and not used to subterfuge. Lilliana was threatened and gave more information than she should have, forcing us to move from our lodgings at the Lonesome Jug, and though Carol was able to interact with Adwin with more success, and perhaps lay a false trail, I’m a little leery of plans that result in having Cyrus knock her out.

Brundle’s message from Peony frankly worries me—I don’t think the Carthians, the Red Masks, or anyone else would hesitate to harm her should they wish to torture Brundle. And I too received a message, but am uncertain of its portents. Pouring from the fiddle inherited from my mentor were the words “They seek <unclear> life <unclear> crystal.” Something is stirring. And the other news received via the Conor impersonator, and his words on Jeranil Talinos, fill me with worry.

But this was ultimately a quiet time for the majority of us, a time to get to know one another better: Brundle’s professionalism, Thistle’s easy humor, Cyrus’ ability to work out his feelings through violence, Lilliana’s packing prowess, Carol’s penchant for a absorbing drink (never drink with her, if you know what’s good for you), and Gedda’s…whatever Gedda’s good at.

We sailed to Cullensfast, and what awaits us in the Spinestones…that remains to be seen.

Session 22: Rock the Boat

The party is exhausted, largely out of spells, and trapped on a boat with a pair of homicidal halfling assassins. While the first has the group distracted, the other invisibly steals up on Brundle and buries a dagger in his back. While the wound doesn’t appear too severe, the gnome almost immediately spasms and falls to the floor, poisoned and near death.

The twins are dangerous foes, capable of draining the party’s remaining magic and using it against them; one of them steals Merrilyn’s remaining healing magic, while the other goes after Thistle, wrenching control of her Flame Blade away from her and using it to terrible effect. The battle is tense, as the cagy halflings can easily get the remaining heroes off-guard and launch powerful sneak attacks, but the party is able to divide and overpower them. Cyrus decapitates one with a critical blow, and the other falls to the combined efforts of Thistle, Carol, and Lilliana.

Finally free to rest and recover, the party makes it to Howlett. Carol is able to cure the poison afflicting Brundle, but he is still very weak Sailing up the Sathir River, they see signs of the ongoing war against the Reborn Talon. The port town at the mouth of the river shows an increased military presence, and the ship passes a devastated halfing caravan on the banks of the river. Disembarking to investigate, they find no survivors, although from the number of burned wagons, it appears just over half of the halflings (and their hounds) were killed. The whereabouts of the others are unknown. The destruction is complete, and there is no salvageable equipment among the burned wagons. Cyrus tracks the attackers a short distance, and finds a tell-tale sign of magical transportation, a circular pattern burned into the grass.

The group continues to Kestral and meets again with Queen Sathirin and Relerian Ambassador Reler’issa Tuomon to report their findings in Carthia. They learn that the Carthian delegation to the Council has withdrawn from Kestral, citing security concerns; Kaffrey has sent troops to support the war against the Talon, and Releria has been curiously reluctant to respond to the situation. The party then meets with Dunphy on behalf of the Jesting Shadows who gives them a little more information about the attacks on the halfling caravans: apparently numerous caravans have been hit by groups of hobgoblins apparently led by an elf in white robes.

The party returns to their old haunt, the Lonesome Jug, to ponder their next move.

Session 21: Consequences

The party’s captive says that his group had been watching Laila for weeks, to make sure she didn’t talk about a mission she did for the Masks; when the party, known to have contacted her, made their move against “Conor” and the Red Masks’ operation in Mendoros, the leader of the Masks, Jeranil Talinos gave the order to liquidate Laila and her network. With some forceful interrogation, he states that the elf made a delivery to the Spinestone Mountains, but he doesn’t know what the parcel was. He tells the party that if they want her alive, they need to find her before “the twins” do, but doesn’t give any more information about those mysterious hunters. Unable to take the time to get him to the proper authorities, the party kills him mercifully and tries to find Laila.

Leaving the sewers, the party sets their best tracker, Buttercup, to follow the elf’s trail. Buttercup sets of briskly through the city, but ultimately leads the party back to their own inn near the University, the Boar and Cat. While it seems that Buttercup lead the group astray, the party is shocked to find Laila waiting for them in Merrilyn’s rented room. She angrily blames the group for the Red Masks’ attack, and demands that they get her out of Mendoros safely – she has a ship waiting in Immerick to take her to Kestral, and agrees to tell them about the delivery she made for the Masks. The party agrees and they set out immediately.

They are ambushed at one of the elevators from the University district by a group of city guards, although Brundle and Cyrus identify them as Red Masks. The guards confront them on a busy street and loudly accuse them of various crimes, including murder, drug-running, coercion, aiding a smuggler, and necromancy. The charges are largely true, but the silver-tongued Merrilyn does a remarkable job rallying public support, and many in the crowd are unconvinced by the guards’ accusations.

While the two groups fight, Brundle and Lilliana spot that two of the guards’ deputies are wearing dire-looking skeletal amulets; Brundle recognizes that Conor Damilus was wearing an identical amulet when the Red Masks attempted to assassinate the Carthian ambassadors to the High Council. When one of those thugs is badly wounded, the amulet appears to drain the remainder of his life-force, and a hideous undead creature erupts from his body. The Boneclaw is a horrific and dangerous enemy, and while the group is victorious (and manage to subdue the thug who wears the other amulet), they are badly drained. The group has few magical reserves available, and is greatly in need of rest after nearly twenty-four hours of activity; unfortunately, the still have a long way to go to get Laila to safety.

As Platinum Expeditions takes a ferry down the river to the port town of Immerick, Brundle and Carol manage to safely remove the amulet from the subdued thug – no small task, given the way the evil device had burrowed deeply into the man’s chest. Once at the dock, they send the thug on his way and decide to board the ship with Laila and return to Kestral.

Laila explains that she was hired by the Masks to transport a package through Carthia to an old fortress in the Spinestone Mountains. Using her divination magic, she determined that the package was a green crystal in a steel coffer. While it was obviously magical, she was unable to determine it’s function. The recipient of the object was a hobgoblin, magically disguised as a half-elf. She states that she was forced to complete the delivery by her Red Mask escorts, and has regretted being under their dominion since taking that job. Cyrus offers to introduce her to agents of the Jesting Shadows once they reach the relative safety of Howlett.

About an hour after leaving port, it becomes clear that the party is not alone on the ship: a smug and dangerous looking halfling appears out of thin air on the deck. He states quite matter-of-factly that since Laila has said too much, he and his brother can’t allow anyone to leave the ship alive.

Session 20: No More Games

The party has earned the trust of the man pretending to be Conor Damilus and have been given a job opportunity in northern Carthia; “Conor” has offered to work as a fence and support for any raiding and banditry the party gets up to in the northern farmland. The group is unwilling to engage in that kind of activity though, and decides they’ve spent enough time on this particular mission. They arrange a meeting with the man as a complete group, speak with him long enough to determine a definite connection with the Red Masks, and then attack him.

“Conor” proves a skilled mage, and with his bodyguards and a formidable dwarven construct providing back-up, he gives the party a fair amount of trouble before he is eventually overcome. The party managed to seal the building and prevent the mage’s reinforcements, and once dealing with him, the party escaped across the rooftops of the tenement block the gang was using as a headquarters. Planning to use magic to interrogate the man later, Brundle and Carol take his body with them, preserving it in the extra-dimensional vacuum of Brundle’s haversack.

Riding the momentum of their victory, the party moves on to Laila‘s townhouse, only to find that it has been attacked. The front door is ajar, and it appears that many of the broker’s defensive traps have been triggered. Brundle and Cyrus find a couple of dead bodies in red masks, identifying them as one of the criminal organization’s hit squads. They locate one of Laila’s boltholes, and follow a relatively clear trail into the sewers, where they find a gang of Masks searching for someone, presumably Laila.

The battle is short and devestating. The leader of the hit squad, a particularly ruthless dwarf proves incredibly dangerous, but like most enemies of Platinum Expeditions, he and his subordinates are left dead on the floor. One of his goons, though, is taken alive for interrogation.


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